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Jess Ostroff
Micro-Influencers are on the rise & IG bug leaked data on high-profile users…this and more on today’s #smcurrent
10 Incredibly Useful Video Tools for Content Marketers
Get the details on 10 of the most useful video tools for every step of the video production process, from…
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The Rise of Micro-Influencers: How to Run a Micro-Influencer Campaign
The interest in influencer marketing has been growing steadily over the past few years and more people are seeking to understand…
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5 Social Sharing Tools for Teams
Do you want your employees to contribute to your social media marketing? Looking for tools to manage the content people…
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How Facebook Could Force Brands to Pivot to Video
Lights, camera, pivot. The post How Facebook Could Force Brands to Pivot to Video appeared first on The Content Strategist.
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How to Use Twitter Ads: The Complete Guide for Business
Since it launched in 2006, Twitter has become a key platform where people go to interact with brands, from contests…
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Instagram bug leaked data on ‘high-profile’ users, company warns
 A bug related to an Instagram API allowed at least one unscrupulous individual to access the email address and phone…
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Facebook Business Manager: Common Myths and Misconceptions
Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool for agencies and advertisers. Yet, several myths prevent them from utilizing it to…
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