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Jeremy Goldman
A slow weekend in August? Psh. The social media world just keeps on trucking, folks!
LinkedIn’s app can now record, share video
But will this new feature catch on?
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5 Food Brands to Follow on Instagram Right Now
These five chains all use Instagram in different, powerful ways.
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How to put old photos in your social media stories
Stories started with Snapchat, then Instagram and Facebook added their own versions to try and win our loyalty.  There are…
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Social Media Buzzwords Explained
With social media’s ever changing vocabulary, we break down the most important industry buzzwords that every marketer needs to know…
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How Facebook prioritizes privacy when you die
 Should your parents be able to read your Facebook messages if you die? Facebook explained why it won’t let them…
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How Agencies Can Prove the Value of Engagement to Clients
It doesn’t matter what city you live in, the size of the agency you work for or the piece of…
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Don’t worry, marketers. Robots won’t replace you… yet.
Robots aren’t taking over marketing quite yet. But columnist Joe Hyland says if you want to save your job from…
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