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Malliha Ahmad
Protect your PR plan against evil and loads more on today’s #smcurrent
What’s Better for B2B Marketers, Ebooks or White Papers?
Learn the differences between ebooks and white papers, their unique benefits, and which format works best for your next B2B…
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Measure Twice, Cut Once: The Reason Why All Those Marketing Tactics Keep Failing
Tactics don’t necessarily fail because they’re bad. They fail because of the context around them. The customer segment was off.…
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Social Fresh Orlando – $100 off
Speakers include Microsoft, MGM Resorts, Purdue University, Charity Water, A&E Network, Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, Georgetown University, Cisco, Wounded Warrior Project, GE Digital, and more. Promo code = smcurrent100

How to Protect Your PR Plan Against the Forces of Evil
These five forces can make or break your PR plan. Laura Petrolino explains how to build it to work with…
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8 Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Stories
Want to improve your Instagram stories and Stories ads? Looking for easy ways to create or transform your videos on…
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7 of the Best Promotional Product Videos Ever
One of the wisest things I’ve ever read about product marketing came from the writer of a children’s book. “If…
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8 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media For Businesses & Entrepreneurs [SSM065]
Much has been written on the Buffer Blog about social media strategy. In the last month alone, we’ve covered (in…
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If you want to grow your business, start by increasing your social media following
Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. You’ve seen the…
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