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Gini Dietrich
App event tracking, Explore tab on Instagram, customer loyalty and more on today’s @smcurrent
Facebook enables marketers to set up app event tracking without having to add code
The Codeless Event Setup feature in Facebook’s SDK Marketing kit gives marketers a point-and-click tool to track app events. The…
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Instagram’s redesigned Explore tab is the newest social media time-sucker
Instagram is rolling out an entirely redesigned Explore tab. The magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen will…
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5 steps to (legally) unlock user-generated content for your marketing
Savvy marketers leverage user-generated content to drive social media results. Find out how you should be engaging and (legally) curating customer content to simplify your daily posting grind. Download our e-book.

Customer Loyalty: You Had One Job
There’s typically one thing we’re looking for from the companies with which we do business.Make life easier for me.Now, “easier”…
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Reach vs. Impressions: What’s the Difference (And What Should You Track)?
Let’s say you’ve just launched an advertising campaign or published a piece of content, and you want to see how…
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How to Ensure Your Emails Land in Gmail’s Primary Tab
If recipients never see your marketing emails in their Gmail inboxes, the effort related to creating them is useless. Fortunately,…
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How to Get Your Boss to Actually Listen to You
Bosses don’t know everything. Even the most empathetic leaders need feedback to understand the specific challenges their employees face. Unfortunately,…
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The Blogging Journey: What Has Changed and What Has Not
During a trip down memory lane, Gini Dietrich takes a look at how the blogging journey has changed (and some…
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