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Tyler Anderson
Avoid audience burn-out, work efficiently, encourage your employees to become brand storytellers, and check out these Super Bowl marketing wins from Twitter’s inaugural #BrandBowl. Happy post-Super Bowl Monday. #smcurrent
How Participation Marketing Elevates Your Social Media Strategy
Employees tell better stories than you do. Participation marketing, or employee advocacy, empowers your employees as storytellers and activates your…
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How to Use the Facebook Audience Overlap Tool to Prevent Ad Fatigue
Do you need to improve your Facebook ad performance? Wondering how to avoid serving the same ad to the same…
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Support For In-House Social Media Teams
At Ignite Social Media, we have developed a line of services specifically designed to provide support for in-house social media teams when and where they need it. Want more information? Connect with us at 

How to Be Efficient: 7 Science-Backed Ways to Build Speed as a Habit
My college roommate was the fastest writer I’ve ever met. If he had a 10 page paper due at 9…
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Pepsi takes top honors in Twitter’s inaugural #BrandBowl
The halftime show sponsor received the highest share of brand-related tweets sent during the Super Bowl to earn the #MVP…
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How To Capture Winter Content (And Not Freeze)
Winter can prove difficult even when your job doesn’t involve regularly getting up from your desk, heading outside, and exploring…
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How to Get Verified on Instagram (Is it Even Possible?)
Everyone likes to feel validated, whether it’s unanimous support of your idea in a meeting or winning an award for…
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Great Customer Experiences an Upgrade to Executive and Management Mindsets
It’s a new year and not necessarily another step forward. This isn’t the first time I’ve used this profound picture by…
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