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Jess Ostroff
Do you really deserve that little blue checkmark? Twitter revokes verification for some users and why you should be breaking the rules from time to time.
How To Build Your First App: 7 Secrets From The Founders
Is this a huge mistake? Will it ever work? Will anyone care?
Anyone building an app for the first time is wondering these things. You’re not alone.

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When Breaking Social Media Rules Leads to Better Engagement
Social media rules say to limit your Instagram posts to one per day for optimal engagement. This case study suggests…
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How to Easily Broadcast Multi-Camera Live Video for Facebook Live
Do you want to improve the quality of your live videos? Wondering how to integrate visuals and work with multiple…
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Twitter to revoke verification for some accounts as part of overhaul
 Twitter says that it’s making progress on its plan to review its authentication system, which it’s conducting in the wake…
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How to Create a Professional Promo Video on a Shoestring Budget
There are millions upon millions of blog posts published every single day. That’s been true for a few years now.
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Instagram Stories adds no-frills photo-only posting from mobile web
 Instagram really wants the developing world on Stories. They won’t be able to use Instagram’s augmented reality masks or share…
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How to Audit Your Marketing Content for 2018
1024512 Today we hosted a webinar, From Audit to Planning: Prepare for 2018. Our very own Customer Success Manager, Tazi…
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