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Jess Ostroff
The perfect Insta ad + Abandoning longer FB video
How to Come Up with the Big Idea for Your Content Marketing Strategy
Every great product or brand starts with an idea. But how does an idea grow into a big idea that…
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How to Succeed in Social Media Without Posting Any Content
Are you struggling to build professional relationships on social media? Want to develop a network that generates business but don’t…
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The Complete Guide to Content Curation: Tools, Tips, Ideas
Want to become a content curation pro? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll teach you how…
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Why We Abandoned Facebook Video Longer Than Two Minutes
Earlier this week, we made the decision to stop publishing three weekly shows on Facebook. I’d like to share some…
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Social Fresh 2018 – Save $200
Speakers include Starbucks, Twitter, Facebook, Kimpton Hotels, BET, Buffalo Wild Wings, American Cancer Society, Fifth Third Bank, Duke University, Sallie Mae, IBM, AMEX, and more. Enter promo codeĀ SMCURRENT200 at checkout on the right to save $200.
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How the Red Sox and Dodgers Covered the World Series on Social Media
Covering sports on social media is unique – content turnover accelerates while turnaround time for that content is expedited. Timeliness…
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How to Create the Perfect Instagram Ad in 10 Minutes
Instagram ads are a great way to share your content with the platform’s one billion users. They’re invaluable for growing…
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