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Jeremy Goldman
Facebook’s moves towards transparency, advice from an expert VC to startups, and plenty more must-reads.
Facebook hires former NYT public editor Liz Spayd to consult on transparency
 Facebook says it’s looking to become more open and transparent about its decisions, and it’s hired Liz Spayd, a former…
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A Leading VC’s Advice to Social Media Startups
Venture capitalist Josh Elman knows a thing or two about successful startups.
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Here’s Why I Won’t Connect With You on LinkedIn
I believe that the most powerful asset to my business over the years has been the network of people I…
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Influencers vs. thought leaders and the rise of image analytics
Influencers and thought leaders aren’t one and the same. Contributor Will McInnes takes a look at how they’ve diverged and…
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Proof that no ranking boost for responsive sites exists in 2017
There are many good reasons to recommend responsive design to a client or to your company, but achieving better search…
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The Complete Emoji Guide for Social Media Marketers
Including emoji in Tweets is shown to increase engagement by 25.4 percent over emoji-free messages, and using them in Facebook…
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5 non-traditional skills to look for in a PPC account manager
You may not expect an aspiring PPC marketer to know HTML5 or JavaScript, but contributor Todd Saunders argues that these…
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