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Jeremy Goldman
Proximity data, how to be cool on Snapchat, and Instagram ads…what more could you want?
Instagram Ads Can Now Link To Messenger Accounts And Bots
Brands can now add deep-linking codes to their photo, video, and carousel ads on Instagram.
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The Startup That Just Might Threaten Google with Proximity Data
The average person spends 30% of their time in front of their phone and computer. But what about the other 70%?
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How to be cool on Instagram and Snapchat, according to teens
Sure, you might think your Instagram of your smashed avocado toast and soy latte is totally hip. But in the…
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The real meaning of all those emoji in Twitter handles
Emoji have become Twitter’s very own digital bumper stickers or laptop decorations. The tiny images next to your handle are…
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Editing Tweets: A serious discussion
And thus he spoke: Covfefe. It’s an embarrassing Twitter mistake, especially for a sitting PresidentDonald Trump’s solution, after waking up…
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Mobile marketing and in-store sales: what’s the correlation?
Today’s consumers research products on the go, using their smartphones to find and choose at which nearby business to make…
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Social bookmarking pioneer Delicious heads to the dead pool
Recently acquired by Pinboard, the site will stay online but will stop taking bookmarks on June 15. Please visit Marketing…
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