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Jim Tobin
I work in influencer marketing all day. Have for years. so two articles today caught my mind: one on fake followers, the other on the challenge of automating influencer. Enjoy.
Where Top CMOs Get Their Tech News
Tech CMOs are among the most influential in the world. In a new report from Forbes and Sprinklr, we found…
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How Fake Accounts on Instagram Will Change The Influencer Marketing Game
Influencer marketing has continued to grow and a lot of brands look at it as an essential way to get…
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Forrester report: Automation is taking over customer interaction
Agents, bots, intelligent self-service and hardware robots are coming for your customers. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
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Influencer Marketing and Technology Collide
Thanks to technology’s growing role in influencer marketing, managing an influencer campaign may never have required more of a human…
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How Audiences Respond to Podcasts: New Research
Are you thinking about getting into podcasting? Wondering if podcasts still have an engaged audience base? In this article, you’ll…
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Facebook bans “cloaking” of spam sites that fool filters
 “Cloaking” sounds sci-fi but it’s actually a trick used today by spammers to show content moderators or search engine spiders…
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Salesforce’s Social Studio can now see
The company is adding Einstein Vision to the social management tool in its Marketing Cloud, allowing searches for logos, scenes,…
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