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Gini Dietrich
On today’s @smcurrent, fake live videos are getting the crackdown and the Kardashians may have finally met their match.
Facebook cracks down on fake live videos
 Facebook is banning misleading uses of its Live video format. The company tells TechCrunch that it’s adding a section to…
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Calling out the Kardashians: How the FTC is Crashing the Influencer Marketing Party
It would seem that free money does indeed come at a cost. For the past couple of years the FTC…
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Instagram tests Location Stories
 Instagram wants to let you see everything going on somewhere right now. TechCrunch has discovered that Instagram is testing a…
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Five Step Formula to Craft an Unbeatable Media Relations Pitch
To craft an unbeatable media relations pitch, follow this proven five-step formula that works, hands down, every, single time. The…
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A New Way to Measure—and Prove—Your ROI from Social With Confidence
As a social media pro, you know there are a ton of social metrics you can track. Likes, shares, follower…
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State of Inbound 2017: Your Go-To Business Report for Marketing and Sales Research [New Data]
Generate more traffic, more leads, more customers. That’s always been the purpose of marketing and sales.
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Snapchat’s Sponsored Lenses can now be targeted with guarantees, work as World Lenses
Audience-targeted Sponsored Lenses can now be bought on a guaranteed basis and paired with the non-selfie variety. Please visit Marketing…
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