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Jeremy Goldman
Facebook bookmarks, fallout from Zuck’s testimony, Gmail’s latest redesign and so much more you need to know to start your week. Let’s dig in.
Medium pokes fun at Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony in the best way possible
It’s been a very long week for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Dude survived over 10 hours of Congress grilling him…
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Mission accomplished, Trump boasted. Not so fast, Twitter replied.
Donald Trump can’t catch a break, mostly because Donald Trump is extremely bad at being President of the United States.…
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5 steps to (legally) unlock user-generated content for your marketing
Savvy marketers leverage user-generated content to drive social media results. Find out how you should be engaging and (legally) curating customer content to simplify your daily posting grind. Download our e-book.

Facebook’s Bookmarks menu gets a facelift that makes its settings easier to find
Facebook is rolling out a redesigned bookmarks section in its app that will make it easier to navigate and access…
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Gmail’s upcoming redesign to include more app integration, smart replies & offline support
Google sent Gmail users an announcement earlier this week outlining a new ‘Gmail Experience’ to launch via the company’s Early…
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Users and advertisers are mostly unfazed by Facebook scandal
Facebook’s downfall has, it seems, been greatly exaggerated — at least according to Facebook . Even with the Cambridge Analytica…
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3 Customer Expectations for Chatbots to Help Fuel Your Chatbot Strategy
With the increased buzz around chatbots, messenger apps, and artificial intelligence, many marketers are beginning to feel the pressure of…
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The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Stories: Building Your Brand and Generating Sales
Out of all of the different facets of digital marketing, social media tends to change with the most immediate and…
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