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Jess Ostroff
It’s all things Facebook today! What their new content review policy means, why engagement is down, and lots more.
Facebook’s content review policy: How it works, the teams & tech behind the reviews & the results so far
Since the infiltration of bad actors plaguing the platform during the 2016 elections, Facebook has prioritized its content review process.…
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5 Big Marketing Stunts That Worked and What We Can Learn From Them
A big marketing stunt has the potential to either make or break your business. While a misstep could wreck your…
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Support for In-House Social Media Teams

At Ignite Social Media, we have developed a line of services specifically designed to provide support for in-house social media teams when and where they need it. Want to continue the conversation? Visit us at

Facebook: The place where social change goes to die?
The Facebook news stream is a profoundly ineffective place to change somebody’s mind. Is this any way to create social…
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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Jobs
If someone were to ask you, “Do you know what marketing is?” you’d probably say yes, right? But when asked…
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Facebook Page Engagement Has Dropped 50%, According to New Data
Buffer, the maker of a social media management platform, released its findings from an analysis of 43 million Facebook Page…
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How to Safely Share Access to Your Facebook Ads and Google Analytics Data
Do others manage your Facebook ads? Wondering how to get others to securely share account access to advertising assets? In…
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Why the News Feed is Becoming Less Important for Facebook Pages
Facebook has made some big changes to business Pages in order to better support small and local businesses. Over 80…
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