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Tyler Anderson
Want to interview guests on your FB live show? Or learn about color theory…this and more on today’s #smcurrent
How to Do a Facebook Live Split-Screen Interview
Want to interview guests on your Facebook Live show? Looking for a tool that lets you bring a remote guest…
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A/B Testing on Social Media: How to Do it with Tools You Already Have
A/B testing as a marketing strategy goes way back to the days before the internet even existed, when direct mail…
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Three Steps to Planning and Creating Top Notch Social Content
Creating content sounds simple enough on paper, right? But it’s anything but simple when you’re looking at a content deadline…
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What Every Marketer Should Know About Color Theory
The right colors can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, especially when it comes to conversions.
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How to Use the New Lifetime Value Feature in Google Analytics
You’re drowning in data. You’ve got enough KPIs to track and report on already. Why would you possibly need another…
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7 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content
You did it. You finally produced and posted your first series of marketing videos. You wrote the scripts, filmed them,…
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How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop [Tutorial]
If you’ve spent any time on the internet at all, you’ve probably come in contact with an animated GIF. It’s…
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