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Gini Dietrich
Branding your Facebook live streams, phishing terms, marketing metrics, and secrets to success in today’s @smcurrent
How to Brand Your Mobile Facebook Live Streams
Do you stream Facebook Live video on your mobile device? Wondering how to add a branded image to your live…
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5 Phishing Terms All Marketers Need to Know
If you think phishing scams are your IT department’s problem, think again. Brace yourself for how phishing impacts your marketing…
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The Art of Finding and Closing Content Gaps in the Buyer’s Journey
Creating the right balance of content to explain what you do, while also engaging customers in a way that inspires…
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5 Key Marketing Metrics for Social Media Your C-Suite Cares About
If you meet any social media marketing manager, they’ll tell you, one of the most important facets of their job…
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5 conversion boosters to optimize your PPC campaigns
Earlier this year, Facebook broke some bad news. Organic reach is officially being choked, making it harder for brands to…
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FAQ This! What Is Blockchain?
With every tech event I cover, there seems to be a central emerging trend that people just can’t stop talking…
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Secrets to Success: What the Most Successful People Do
There are lots of articles written about the secrets of successful people, including sex, ethics, and the outdoors. What does success look like to you?
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