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Jess Ostroff
Facebook launches a new “Watch” tab, plus 3 proven psychological strategies that will engage your audience and some really useful Instagram story templates you can implement today!
3 Psychology Strategies You Should Be Using on Social Media
Boost your social engagement with three strategies borrowed from consumer psychology: reciprocity, social proof, and scarcity.
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How to Easily Turn Blog Posts Into Videos
Interested in repurposing your blog posts into videos? Looking for a no-cost tool to simplify the process? In this article,…
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How to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories (and 10 Amazing Templates to Use)
More than 15 million businesses now use Instagram worldwide and over half of those businesses are creating Stories every month. Stories are an…
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Facebook Event Custom Audiences: More Targeting Power
Targeting has become more powerful for brands that utilize Events with Facebook Event Custom Audiences. Here’s everything you need to…
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The 7 Best Instagram Analytics Tools (And Metrics You Need to Track)
Instagram analytics tools can help you plan content and future campaigns, and reach your social media goals. These goals should…
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Facebook launches Watch tab of original video shows
 Facebook has a new home for original video content produced exclusively for it by partners, who will earn 55 percent…
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Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools
Finding, curating, and sharing valuable content is a very time-consuming process. Unless you have the right tools to help you…
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