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Malliha Ahmad
Today’s @smcurrent is full of professional development: retargeting, new marketing, Google rankings, vertical search, and more.
How to Retarget on Facebook and Instagram With Dynamic Product Ads
Want to retarget website visitors with ads for products they viewed but didn’t purchase? Wondering how to set up dynamic…
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Get Your B2B Content Program Off the Ground, Faster
Many companies put months and months into rolling out their inaugural content operation processes—which makes sense, as content production is…
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How HubSpot Uses Blogging to Rank #1 on Google
People are hungry for immediate answers.
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When The Boss Says "No!" To New Marketing
I frequently get emails and social media inquires from people who tell me that they’ve learned the ideas in The…
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Search is more than Google: Mastering vertical search optimization
Vertical search engines, mobile and voice trends seem to be reshaping the search landscape, says contributor Jim Yu. Create a…
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Original Research Content: How To Convince Your Boss To Create Marketing Gold
Create original research content marketing to support brand and drive sales. Shows data to make business case. Includes content marketing…
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Summer Public Relations Professional Development: Read and Write
Summer is the perfect time to prioritize your public relations professional development. Laura Petrolino shares several action steps to do…
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