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How to Create Instagram Stories Ads for Traffic and Conversions
Do you use Instagram stories? Looking for ways to increase your conversions? Instagram Stories ads have expanded to include four…
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The three biggest social media problems are NOT social media problems
Diving into many common social media problems reveals the problems might not be related to social media activities at all…
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Innovation Congress – July 19, NYC
Join Coca-Cola, Charity Water, Casper, and Goldman Sachs to discuss the digital trends that are changing your business for good: AI, virtual reality, Alexa, crowd technologies. Save 30% as an SMcurrent, click through to learn more

The Paid Marketing Metrics You Must Measure
In this article, I segment key paid marketing metrics into three different categories. Each set of metrics contributes to the…
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AdHawk aims to take the complexity out of Facebook and Google advertising
 After more than a year in beta testing, AdHawk has opened its doors to all advertisers. The company helps businesses manage…
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How to Uncover Hidden Content Opportunities with Topic Archaeology
Learn the Convince & Convert method for uncovering hidden content opportunities using a process called topic archaeology.
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How video ad quality affects campaign performance on Facebook
How much time and money should you put into a video to get results? Contributor Aden Andrus looks at the…
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How to inject urgency into your product pages
Hurry! Act now! Contributor Ben Jacobson shares five ways to instill a sense of urgency into your content to increase…
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