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Malliha Ahmad
IG takeovers and the coolest YouTube banners on today’s #smcurrent
7 Innovative Ways to Use Texting for Your Business [Infographic]
All’s fair when it comes to growing your business. For consistent development, you should use a multichannel approach. And SMS…
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How to Host an Instagram Takeover in 7 Easy Steps
Influencer marketing is a trendy topic these days, but it doesn’t require a lot of work or a ton of…
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How to Not Suck at Instagram
Read more…More about Instagram, Mashable Reels, Instagram Tips, and Social Media
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Facebook is valiantly trying but failing to moderate hate speech in some languages
Efforts by Facebook to moderate content in one of its fastest-growing countries has evidently not been easy. Like what it’s…
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7 of the Coolest YouTube Banners We’ve Ever Seen
When someone sends me a really great YouTube video, I always want to know who’s behind it. Was it an…
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The Mystery of Marketing Automation… Solved
Marketing automation is one of the great recent developments of our industry.  Not only is everyone talking about it, but…
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Is your creative agency killing your campaign?
If your campaign is a flop, your ad creative might not be the problem. Instead, it’s time to take a…
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