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Malliha Ahmad
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Facebook kills its ‘Trending’ section
Facebook really doesn’t want to be a media company. The social network announced this morning it’s removing its often controversial…
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Instagram reveals the secret sauce powering its algorithm
Instagram is chill with the decision it made two years ago to ditch the chronological feed in favor of an…
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It’s OK to leave Facebook
The slow-motion privacy train wreck that is Facebook has many users, perhaps you, thinking about leaving or at least changing…
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Elizabeth Murdoch’s media company uses Snapchat and science to create hit shows
Vertical Networks uses its Snapchat channel Brother to test out youth audience reaction to show concepts, then develops those ideas into social media series on Snapchat and Facebook.
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Wall Street, Hedge Funds Add Social Media to Research Menu
M Science buys social media Minter TickerTags
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100+ Must Have List of Free Summer Content Titles: No Inspiration Required
Need content marketing inspiration? Use these 100+ free summer content titles to spark your creativity. Then fill your editorial calendar…
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PixelModo is bringing graphic design to non-designers
Anyone can be a graphic designer as long as they have Photoshop on their computer, right? Hoo boy. If you…
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