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12 stunning IG themes, retargeting messenger bot subscribers with FB ads, and more! #smcurrent
Facebook bans Myanmar military accounts for ‘enabling human rights abuses’
Facebook is cracking down on the military leadership in Myanmar, the Southeast Asian country where the social network has been identified…
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How to Retarget Messenger Bot Subscribers With Facebook Ads
Do you have a Facebook Messenger bot? Have you thought about retargeting your bot subscribers with Facebook ads? In this…
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Social Fresh 2018 – Save $200
Winter Park, FL on Dec. 5-7 >> Where social marketers go to get inspired. Speakers include Starbucks, Facebook, Kimpton Hotels, BET, Buffalo Wild Wings, American Cancer Society, 5/3 Bank, Duke University, Sallie Mae, IBM, Darden, Chris Brogan, Brian Fanzo, Ekaterina Walter, and more. Enter promo code SMCURRENT200 at checkout on the right to save $200.

How Big Brands are Using Facebook 3D Posts
Forget your 3D movie glasses at the theatre, Facebook is bringing 3D posts straight to your computer screen. The world’s…
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What Is Your Business Core Competency?
Murielle asks, “What is a core competency, in a business context?” Can’t see anything? Watch it on YouTube here. Listen…
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12 Stunning Instagram Themes (& How to Borrow Them for Your Own Feed)
Nowadays, Instagram is often someone’s initial contact with a brand, and at least 30% of Instagram users have purchased a…
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Effective Client Service is in the Details: Which Do You Miss?
Are missed details hurting your client relationships? Laura Petrolino explains how to improve client service by paying attention to these…
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In praise of marketing rebellions
There have three marketing rebellions raging for more than 100 years. There is a new one brewing but most companies…
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