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Jeremy Goldman
The dangers of social media for celebs, Sprinkr’s founder & CEO discusses customer experience, Airbnb’s big hit, Instagram’s stupendous value to Facebook, and everything else you need to have a terrific week! Bon appetit.
How Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee underscore the costs and dangers of social media’s ‘wow’ factor
Two social-media driven controversies underscore how trying to say ‘wow’ things can have swift and costly ramifications, media columnist Ken Auletta explained to CNBC.
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Sprinklr’s Founder Speaks Up About the Future of Customer Experience
Jeremy is joined by Ragy Thomas, the founder and CEO of Sprinklr – the leader in enterprise social media software – as he explains what the customer is going to expect in the future, as well as a concept he calls “Verified Web.”
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Airbnb took a big hit in Japan that left thousands of travelers with no lodging
If you’re traveling to Japan in the next few weeks and you have an Airbnb reservation, you better start looking…
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Instagram’s Value to Facebook Just Keeps Growing
Instagram reportedly plans to start supporting much longer videos. It’s one more example of the platform growing its reach — and its revenue opportunities.
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Twitter users outraged to learn David Simon, creator of ‘The Wire,’ has reportedly been banned
David Simon, creator of HBO’s The Wire, Generation Kill, Treme, The Corner, and more, was reportedly banned from posting on…
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3 Signs That You’re Addicted to Social Media
The human mind looks for things it can become addicted to, despite religious upbringing, financial status, career choices, or calorie…
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The Creative Curve – Book Interview
Allen Gannett in his new book, The Creative Curve, overturns the mythology around creative genius, and reveals the science and…
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