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Jeremy Goldman
Social media usage amongst teens, IGTV’s growth, and SM censorship – and everything else you need to start your week:
For IGTV, Instagram needs slow to mean steady
Instagram has never truly failed at anything, but judging by modest initial view counts, IGTV could get stuck with a…
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Creating Winning Instagram Contests
Having a contest on social media is a good way to garner more Instagram followers, boost your audience engagement, and…
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A majority of U.S. teens are taking steps to limit smartphone and social media use
It’s not just parents who are worrying about their children’s device usage. According to a new study released by Pew…
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4 Ways to Make Your Career Futureproof
Dorie Clark shares how the smartest people are around are using social media – among other things – to build their brands.
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Is Social Media Censorship a Real Problem? [New Data]
For all the issues putting social media in the news these days, one of the most fascinating might be the…
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12 pieces of conversion optimization advice you should ignore
Whenever you hear a marketing practice referred to as “easy,” it’s usually not. Contributor Ayat Shukairy looks at some common CRO…
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Facebook and Microsoft briefed state officials on election security efforts today
So much for summer Fridays. Yesterday, BuzzFeed reported that a dozen tech companies, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Snapchat, would…
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