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Tyler Anderson
Snap’s first earnings call this week + How to improve your Facebook Stories. #SMCurrent
Snap’s first earnings this week will give a heat check on the new ad ecosystem
 When Snap went public earlier this year, it revealed a break-neck level of growth in its nascent advertising business —…
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How to Use Facebook Camera Effects to Frame Your Facebook Stories
Want to visually brand your Facebook Stories (and enable your fans to, as well)? Have you heard of the Facebook…
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The Secret to Powerful Visual Content
Pairing visual content with top-notch writing is the key to compelling content that keeps your audience coming back for more.
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Amazon controls 70% of digital assistant device market [eMarketer]
Installed base of loyal customers and low-priced Echo Dot position company to dominate the market into the future. Please visit…
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8 Free Resources to Soundtrack Your Social Video Without Getting Sued
If you’re posting social videos to YouTube, you should know that the site takes audio copyright very seriously. If you…
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3 Key Insights for Marketing on a Budget
Budgets suck. Yes, they’re useful and beneficial (#adulting), but when you’re like Dara Royer, Chief Development and Marketing Officer of…
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How to Make Quotes for Instagram: 7 Apps to Try
When you come across a beautiful sight — be it a beach, a mountain, or your pet’s face — sometimes,…
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