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Gini Dietrich
GDPR is fast approaching so we continue to have tips for you to consider. That, blog post title ideas, influencer marketing tips, and what you should know before starting a business—all on today’s @smcurrent
Here are some more misconceptions about GDPR
There’s certainly no shortage of them for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. The post Here are some more misconceptions…
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LinkedIn for Business: The Ultimate Marketing Guide
You may already know that LinkedIn has 546 million users. But what really matters for a business-oriented network like LinkedIn…
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How to Build an Effective Chatbot Strategy
Although the chatbot hype is at an all-time high, rest assured that if you are still struggling with what your chatbot strategy should be, you aren’t alone. Catch our Webinar on 4/24 to learn “How to Build an Effective Chatbot Strategy”

Instagram blogger Photoshops her body to look how trolls want it to look
Sadly, the reality of having any kind of online presence in this day and age seems to come hand in…
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Don’t Tax Your Brain: 101 Free Blog Post Title Ideas
Feeling taxed when you need blogging or content inspiration? Use these 101 Free Blog Post Title Ideas inspired by Tax…
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You Ask, I Answer: Influencer Marketing Tips for Companies
Genevieve asks, “What are some of your best influencer marketing tips?” What a great, complex question. Influencer marketing is done…
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Introducing Prime Time Anytime: A Program Offering Marketing Insights and Solutions to Help Build Your Brand
Prime Time Anytime is designed to help marketers with brand objectives understand ad measurement principles and discover how to build…
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Starting a Business: The 20 Things You Should Know
Starting a business isn’t easy, but we oftentimes overanalyze and overthink it versus just making a decision and going for…
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