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Gini Dietrich
Facebook, once again, rules today’s @smcurrent, with M, Dynamic Ads, and more.
Facebook Messenger’s M assistant now suggests saving links, calling people
Messenger began rolling out M Suggestions in April to augment people’s conversations and make them more aware of under-the-radar features.…
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YouTube Studio beta on the way with new design, inbox features & way to organize comments
Formerly YouTube Creator Studio, YouTube says it is rebuilding its platform for creators from the ground up. Please visit Marketing…
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Innovation Congress – July 19, NYC
Join Coca-Cola, Charity Water, Casper, and Goldman Sachs to discuss the digital trends that are changing your business for good: AI, virtual reality, Alexa, crowd technologies. Save 30% as an SMcurrent, click through to learn more

Facebook now lets advertisers add product videos, prices to Dynamic Ad campaigns
Ahead of the fall shopping season, Facebook makes its product showcase ads more of a showpiece. Please visit Marketing Land…
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Branch offers first deep-linking from ads on AMP pages to app content
The deep-linking provider is out with ads for AMP that can link directly to specific content in apps. Please visit…
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How to Create a Crisis Comms Plan for a Fake News Onslaught
In a world of #alternativefacts and fake news, every organization needs to be prepared for fake news. Just when you…
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Getting Started with Google Optimize, Part 1: Introduction
When we look at the Google Analytics™ ecosystem, we see a variety of tools designed to help businesses grow by…
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Using the Scientific Method to Produce Better Content
The scientific method of reasoning dates back millennia and has proven to be a trusted strategy for understanding our world.…
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