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Gini Dietrich
Analytics, invoicing with chatbots, distrust among social users, and more on today’s @smcurrent
Sellers can now invoice buyers through PayPal’s new chat extension for Messenger
 PayPal and Facebook are expanding their integrations today with the launch of an extension for Messenger that allows PayPal sellers…
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No One Trusts Social Media, but They’ll Keep Using It Anyway [New Data]
I’ll just come right out and say it: The internet has a massive mess to clean up.
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4 Tools to Create Custom Instagram and Snapchat Visuals
Is hiring a professional designer not an option for you? Are you looking for tools to help you create engaging…
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How to Use Instagram Stories Analytics
25601440 Instagram Stories is a recent addition to Instagram’s portfolio of content options. With Instagram Stories you can share what’s happening…
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How to Optimize Tweets for More Blog Traffic
1024512 If you use Twitter in your marketing strategy, you undoubtedly spend hours carefully crafting generous numbers of tweets for…
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Successful Video Advertisers Create for How People Consume Content
Mobile is an entirely new medium—and to capture attention and hearts, brands must create experiences that feel naturally mobile.
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Content Creation Series: Integrating Owned Media with Earned
In the third of our content creation series, we tackle how to marry owned and earned media to get a…
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