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Gini Dietrich
From James Comey’s alter ego and George W Bush having a middle school moment, this week’s @smcurrent is chock full of goodies!
The internet is cracking up at George Bush having a middle school moment
George Bush was seen cracking jokes and whispering with Obama during a fundraising event for hurricane reliefLuckily, the middle school…
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James Comey confirms he is Reinhold Niebuhr on Twitter
 James Comey, the former FBI director who was abruptly fired in May, has seemingly revealed himself as Twitter user Reinhold…
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Social Fresh Orlando – $100 off
Speakers include Microsoft, MGM Resorts, Purdue University, Charity Water, A&E Network, Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, Georgetown University, Cisco, Wounded Warrior Project, GE Digital, and more. Promo code = smcurrent100

Facebook releases new guidelines to address publisher concerns in its fight against fake news
 Facebook has released new guidelines that outline how publishers can adapt to the company’s efforts to fight back against fake/false…
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Facebook research automatically creates an avatar from a photo
 Creating avatars. Who’s got time for it?! Computers, that’s who. You’ll never have to waste another second selecting your hair…
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60 Percent of Marketers Are Dropping the Ball on Content Strategy
Catch the highlights (and lowlights) of Content Marketing Institute’s latest annual B2B marketing report, including stats on industry trends and…
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40+ Useful PC Keyboard Shortcuts for Social Media Pros
Ever since we published our social media keyboard shortcuts for Mac, PC users have, understandably, been requesting a version of…
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Don’t Be Scared: You Do Have Time for Online Learning
You DO have time for online learning if you focus on how to slip it into your routine. You may…
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