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Jim Tobin
We lead with a Daily Beast exclusive showing leaked Snapchat data that every social media marketer should see. Plus, new FB campaign optimization and several “how-to’s” in today’s @SMCurrent #smcurrent
LEAKED: Snapchat data that marketers should see
Snapchat is secretive but The Daily Beast got inside information on how often various features are actually used.
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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization: New Feature
Facebook is rolling out campaign budget optimization, allowing advertisers to set a campaign budget that will be optimized to distribute…
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Support For In-House Social Media Teams
At Ignite Social Media, we have developed a line of services specifically designed to provide support for in-house social media teams when and where they need it. Want more information? Connect with us at 

The 10 Content Marketing Commandments for 2018
Content marketing success is more elusive than ever. More competition. More cynicism from audiences. Artificial intelligence and robots being used…
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How to Reach Moms on Social Media
As the internet and social media have become entwined in everyday life, they have also drastically changed motherhood. With an…
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How to Generate Leads with Webinars
Any marketing and sales professional knows that most buyers don’t make a purchase decision right away. As WebAttract co-founder Mike…
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How to know if Your Content Marketing is Ineffective
Your content marketing takes too much time… It’s not producing the results you want… Is it time to give up?…
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Data Is Cooler Than You Think. Here’s What Marketers Need to Know About It Today.
It’s my third day here at CES, and today marks the opening of the 2018 event to the public. Last…
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