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Malliha Ahmad
Twitter’s changes, FB rewrites, and so much more in today’s #smcurrent
How Will Twitter’s Changes Affect Influencers?
In an effort to combat bots sharing the same message en masse, Twitter has rolled out some changes which may…
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Facebook rewrites Terms of Service, clarifying device data collection
Facebook is spelling out in plain English how it collects and uses your data in rewritten versions of its Terms…
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Support For In-House Social Media Teams
At Ignite Social Media, we have developed a line of services specifically designed to provide support for in-house social media teams when and where they need it. Want more information? Connect with us at 

What is the Best Platform for Social Media Influencers to Post On?
Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, you want the answer to this question. If you’re a brand, you want…
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If you had one hour with Mark Zuckerberg, what would you ask? Here’s what I learned about the state and future of Facebook, data, politics and bad actors
onstine In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, data misappropriation, #deletefacebook, calls for regulation and pending testimony to U.S. Congress, Facebook…
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Pinterest aims for products from the store down your street as its next big ad business
Pinterest is known for having, and promoting, a lot of business content. It’s actually a majority of the content, and…
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LinkedIn Pulse: A Complete Guide (+ Examples)
You blog because you want Internet users to discover your content and engage with it. But sometimes, your reach just…
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Hey Marvel, Chance the Rapper has an idea for your next Avengers lineup
Marvel’s superhero omnibus Avengers: Infinity War is almost here, and with a rumored 76-character cast, the movie seems like a…
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