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Plenty of Facebook news, plus LinkedIn upgrades, affiliate marketing tips, and much more. Enjoy!
These are Facebook’s internal policies on harassment and bullying
 Facebook, in a similar manner to what it did with its internal policies around Managing Bias, is making publicly available…
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The 5 Keys to Becoming a Master at Affiliate Marketing
Despite the obvious advantages, 78 percent of CMOs admit affiliate programs to be their least mastered area of digital marketing. Why do so many executives fail to utilize a tool with high ROI and limited risk?
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5 steps to (legally) unlock user-generated content for your marketing
Savvy marketers leverage user-generated content to drive social media results. Find out how you should be engaging and (legally) curating customer content to simplify your daily posting grind. Download our e-book.

Facebook will (finally) shift to viewable-only organic reach counts for Pages next year
Facebook said in November 2016 that it would adjust its organic reach metric to only count impressions when a Page’s…
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Fighting ad fraud: Study finds inventory on TAG Certified channels had 83% lower fraud rates
The study analyzed more than 6.5 million display and video ad impressions. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.
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Stay on Top of In-Demand Skills with New Notifications
While it’s estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately hold jobs that don’t yet exist, staying…
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Is holiday paid search more competitive in 2017 than 2016?
Columnist Andy Taylor explores year-over-year Auction Insights data from AdWords, revealing insights into this year’s holiday paid search landscape. Please…
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Facebook Sound Collection lets you add no-name music to videos
 The right soundtrack can make a boring video interesting. So after years of reported discussions with the record labels, Facebook…
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