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Jess Ostroff
Facebook launches a new targeted way to reach travelers, plus some data which show that now might be the time to consider working with micro-influencers.
How to Use Social Media to Hype Your Product Pre-Launch
You’re excited about the release of your new product. It’s going to the change the world and everyone is going…
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5 Essential Skills Marketers Need to Succeed This Year [Infographic]
The marketing landscape evolves at what often seems like a bewildering pace. There are changes in consumer preferences. There are…
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New Ways for Businesses to Reach Summer Travelers
Last year we introduced Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT)—a new way for travel advertisers to promote hotels and destinations to…
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How to Use Google Analytics UTM Tags For Better Marketing Attribution
Digital marketing has an attribution problem. We’re stymied by encrypted search, which takes away our ability to detect basic information…
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You Have $100 to Spend on Social Media Marketing. Here’s One Way to Spend It.
How big is your social media budget? I’ve heard of companies that spend millions on marketing and others who spend…
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Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Popular?
With influencer marketing, there’s a trade-off between audience size and reach. That’s where your brand can benefit from micro-influencers.
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How to Leverage Your Creativity to Convert Leads
Creativity (cre·a·tiv·i·ty) krēāˈtivədē noun the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.…
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