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Jeremy Goldman
Social media & gun violence, micropodcasting, Instagram Stories, and Twitter diversity: buckle up!
Social Media & The Future of Guns in America [PODCAST]
For a movement that began on social media, how can it keep its momentum going? Jeremy Goldman & Kiran Chetry talk to a survivor of the recent school shooting.
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Learn How to Connect with Customers in Instagram Stories Ads
Facebook IQ researched how people perceive content in Instagram Stories and took a look at the creative elements that are…
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5 steps to (legally) unlock user-generated content for your marketing
Savvy marketers leverage user-generated content to drive social media results. Find out how you should be engaging and (legally) curating customer content to simplify your daily posting grind. Download our e-book.

Micropodcasting? Facebook tries Voice Clip status updates
 More intimate than text but easier to record than video, Facebook hopes voice could get people sharing more on its…
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Twitter is now specifically focusing on increasing black, Latinx and female representation
 Twitter met or surpassed many of the diversity and inclusion goals it set for itself for 2017, the company announced…
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Why social media surveillance isn’t the answer to our gun crisis
In 2014, Tashfeen Malik’s family in Pakistan started to worry about her Facebook posts.  It was the religious extremism that…
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Why Social Listening Separates Leading Brands From Also-Rans
It’s a little like social media monitoring — but it certainly goes deeper.
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One of Blockchain’s Super Powers is Trust
In 2009, Julien Smith and I wrote Trust Agents. It was a book about how to be human across the…
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