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Jess Ostroff
New Instagram + Snapchat features are released, but influencers are still breaking FTC rules.
You can now reply to Instagram Stories with photos and video
 Instagram has updated its Stories feature with the ability to reply to stories with either photos or video. This means…
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Are You Ready to Step Up to Power Publishing?
It’s time for brands to address the new demands of publishing online at scale, guided by the five pillars of…
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Innovation Congress – July 19, NYC
Join Coca-Cola, Charity Water, Casper, and Goldman Sachs to discuss the digital trends that are changing your business for good: AI, virtual reality, Alexa, crowd technologies. Save 30% as an SMcurrent, click through to learn more

We Made These 10 Social Media Mistakes so You Don’t Have To
This might sound contradicting — and it’s scary for us to admit. But, despite building a product that helps people succeed…
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How the Top 50 CMOs Engage on Social Media
As executives who lead the public facing side of their companies, CMOs have an obligation to set the tone with…
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The 11 Best Tools and Apps for Snapchat
Over 160 million people a day use Snapchat to send or view videos, photos, and messages. That makes it one…
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Five Ways Travel Marketers Can Make the Most of Snapchat
Despite its popularity among Millennials, not many marketers, especially those in the travel industry, use Snapchat to its full potential.…
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Over 93% of Celebrity Influencers are Violating FTC Guidelines [Infographic]
As influencers and celebrities post, filter, and hashtag their way to fame and fortune, brands are working with them to…
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