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Gini Dietrich
Truth is definitely stranger than fiction, which is confirmed when we learn someone threw a Pepsi can at police IRL during a protest. That and more on today’s @smcurrent.
Silent Video: How to Optimize Facebook Video to Play Without Sound
With more than a billion video views on Facebook every day, it’s clear that Facebook video is a key part…
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Facebook gives its Marketplace a colorful redesign
 Facebook has given its Marketplace a bit of a visual overhaul, with new colorful icons and improved search and filtering…
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Someone threw a Pepsi can at police IRL during a protest
What happens when real-life imitates an ad that was supposed to imitate life?  And what if the ad in question…
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#DressLikeAWoman: It’s Time to Abolish Gender-based Dress Codes
A couple of months ago, he who shall not be named instituted a female dress code in the White House…
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Why Influencer Marketing Should Be Part of Every Marketing Mix
Your best influencers are already out there. Formalize those relationships, both new and existing, and transform your influencer marketing.
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How martech is working to solve the consumer identity crisis
From machine learning to biometrics and blockchains, marketing technology companies aim to improve how they verify consumer identities. Please visit…
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20 Extraordinary Content Marketing Insights
The founder of BuzzSumo provides exclusive content marketing insights from years of analyzing billions of pieces of content The post…
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