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Gini Dietrich
On today’s @smcurrent, non-Bitmoji avatars, doing business on Instagram, new responsive search ads, and more!
Facebook’s developing ‘avatars’ that totally aren’t Bitmoji at all
Facebook is working on customizable cartoon user avatars, a totally original concept that is not similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji in…
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Making it Easier to Do Business on Instagram
We’re introducing new features to make it easier for businesses to communicate with customers and complete transactions right from our…
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5 steps to (legally) unlock user-generated content for your marketing
Savvy marketers leverage user-generated content to drive social media results. Find out how you should be engaging and (legally) curating customer content to simplify your daily posting grind. Download our e-book.

Google AdWords new responsive search ads can show 3 headlines
The new ad format, now in beta, offers more real estate and dynamically combines an advertiser’s headlines and descriptions. The…
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What’s Wrong With Your Marketing Math?
Nothing undermines your marketing math like shallow measurement and sloppy attribution. A new webinar has arrived to guide you through…
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You Ask, I Answer: What Predictive Models Do You Work With?
Ben asks, “Predictive analytics seems like a big topic – what kinds do you work with most or find work…
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What the GDPR Means to Social Media Marketers
Up to €20 million… or four percent of your total worldwide annual turnover of the previous financial year, whichever higher.…
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Blog Checklist: How to Optimize Your Content Before Publication
We’ve covered how to write for humans and how to write for robots in our blog checklist series. Now it’s…
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