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Tyler Anderson
Twitter to trim down its ad products + more proof you should be leveraging UGC. #SMCurrent
Twitter plans to trim down its ads products
Twitter continues to bleed cash and its advertising business has begun shrinking, so it’s time for a change.
Why UGC should be brands’ New Year’s content resolution in 2017
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3 Steps for Successfully Selling on Instagram
Thirty-two percent of internet users are on Instagram, according to PewResearch Center’s Social Media Update 2016. What is especially significant…
Advanced Facebook Page Insights: An Analysis Guide for Marketers
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The Key To Unlocking the ROI of Enterprise Influencer Marketing
Lee Odden
The Key To Unlocking the ROI of Enterprise Influencer Marketing
Lee Odden on Feb 13th, 2017 Influencer Marketing
Unlock Influencer Marketing ROIInfluencer marketing gained substantial attention and momentum amongst marketers in 2016. Judging by the start of this year, it will be an even hotter topic in 2017.