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Jim Tobin
Facebook takes another step to clean up the News Feed in what seems like a never ending battle. Snap meanwhile continues their focus on neat camera tricks.
Facebook downranks News Feed links to crappy sites smothered in ads
 Facebook will bury links to low-quality websites and refuse to carry ads pointing to them in a News Feed algorithm…
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Snapchat’s new eraser lets you ‘Photoshop’ stuff out of photos
 It’s Snapchat’s turn to copy Instagram while also staying one step ahead of its competitor. Today Snapchat launched a slew…
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Pinterest adds visual search guides to its Lens and a new CTO
 Pinterest today is adding a new feature to its Lens — its live camera search — that will help pick…
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How to Game the Facebook Algorithm
We all know Facebook is first and foremost a business. So, it should be no surprise that the social media…
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Why Social Makes Every Marketer a Researcher
Social media data is changing the game for research, and there’s no reason every marketer can’t become their own researcher.
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When is a native ad not native? Understanding it’s all about context
Contributor Rich Rosenzweig explains why native advertisers need to understand the context of the user experience and match the quality…
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Is Interactive Video the Next Big Thing? 3 Creative Examples from Brands
It’s hardly a revelation to say that online video content is phenomenally popular. Millions of words have been written on…
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