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Gini Dietrich
From one of the most like tweets in history to “crowd surf” for concerts, we have a great roundup for you in today’s @smcurrent
Obama responds to Charlottesville with one of the most liked tweets in history
After a “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly on Saturday, former president Barack Obama reached…
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Facebook is rolling out a Trending News section on mobile, now with its own link
 Facebook is rolling out a “Trending News” section on mobile that includes its own link in the app’s main navigation.…
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Snapchat “Crowd Surf” stiches together everyone’s concert videos
 Snapchat’s got a new trick to stay one step ahead of Instagram by turning everyone’s quick video clips from concerts…
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How to Measure PR with a Communications Stack
You need a communications software stack to measure PR in an integrated PESO model program. Here is what you should…
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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Brand Grow
Marketers, take note: Artificial intelligence is already helping brands grow and improve their advertising, customer service, web design, and SEO.
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How to Create a Budget for Social Media Marketing
25601340With its ease of use and access to billions of active users, it’s no surprise that social media has become…
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How Push Notifications Can Increase User Engagement (With Examples)
It’s hard to imagine going anywhere without your mobile device these days. From kids tethered to their phones, to grandmas…
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