Top Links for Wednesday – July 6, 2016
Once again, Twitter and Facebook rule the interwebz with news about a new “like” button, stickiness, and Paper. All on @smcurrent
Snapchat gets more mainstream with a larger 35+ audience
Snapchat isn’t just for teens and college-age adults anymore.
Facebook Adds More Like Button Options
2 new Chrome extensions to simplify bookmarking and updated web plugins.
Social Fresh Conference 2016
ORLANDO, Aug. 18-21: Where leading social marketers go to get inspired. One stage, one track, leading brands discussing the future of social media. SAVE $150 until Aug. 1

How to Increase Your Twitter Impressions Organically
When it comes to Twitter marketing, one of the key metrics brands measure is engagement. If people aren’t retweeting, liking…
How to Pick the Perfect Color Combination for Your Data Visualization
Choosing any color scheme — whether for graphics, websites, brands, etc. — is a challenge in and of itself. That…
How to keep your marketing skills sharp
We live in complex times as marketers. Every day brings new advances, new technologies, new ideas for us to incorporate…
You Can Now Translate Posts Into Any Language On Facebook
Whether you’re a global brand or small business talking to different markets, language has always been an issue on social…
Facebook Shuts Down Its Paper App
Almost a month after Facebook announced it was shutting down Notify, the company is binning its Paper app at the end…