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Jim Tobin
That Snapchat redesign? Phase 2 is coming and YouTube is looking to add more tools for creators to monetize. That, plus privacy, tragedies and data science in today’s Social Media Current.
Snapchat is testing a new ‘tabs’ layout to make navigation easier
Snapchat is finally redesigning its redesign.  The messaging app is testing multiple new layouts of both its “Friends” and “Discover”…
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YouTube promises expansion of sponsorships, other monetization tools for creators
YouTube says it’s rolling out more tools to help its creators make money from their videos. The changes are meant…
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How to Build an Effective Chatbot Strategy
Although the chatbot hype is at an all-time high, rest assured that if you are still struggling with what your chatbot strategy should be, you aren’t alone. Catch our Webinar on 4/24 to learn “How to Build an Effective Chatbot Strategy”

Senators introduce privacy ‘bill of rights’ to protect consumer data
The CONSENT Act would require edge providers to comply with FTC-regulated data protection rules. The post Senators introduce privacy ‘bill…
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Should Brands Go Dark on Social Media When a Tragedy Occurs?
It seems like more so than ever, we’re waking up to devastating news when we turn on the TV or…
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Do marketers really want to be data scientists?
It is a challenging time to be a marketer. Consumers demand more personalised experiences than ever, and for marketers if…
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Pinterest redesigns business profile pages with monthly viewer counts
The monthly viewer count number will show businesses the number of people who have viewed their pins during the last…
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Who, If Anyone, Will Be the Next Facebook?
Facebook has been all over the news in recent months, and not for good reasons. While it’s hard to picture…
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