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Jeremy Goldman
Snapchat’s being copied – but it’s also copying right back. Plus, plenty more you need on your radar:
Google and Facebook envision Stories for news, not social
 Stories taught us the joy of dictating the pace of content consumption. We fast-forward in 10-second increments, with a quick…
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How Can Brands Capitalize on Trending Content?
The biggest issue that advertisers struggle with is ensuring that their ads are relevant, not only to the product that is being sold but also to the consumer base they’re trying to reach.
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Google said to launch AMP-based Snapchat Discover-like feature
 Google is creating a visual publication format for media companies similar to Snapchat’s “Discover,” based on its AMP mobile optimization…
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Now it’s Snapchat copying Facebook’s ads Power Editor
 Snap Inc desperately needs ad revenue to redirect its sinking share price. So after a year of getting mercilessly copied…
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Facebook tests ‘going live’ from Facebook Camera, Live Stories like Instagram
 Facebook is testing a new way to “go live” on its social network – an option that was previously available…
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Designing content for the mobile-first index
Your mobile pages will soon become the default versions used in Google search rankings. How can you make sure they…
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Top 6 tips for SEO for SaaS
Do you handle SEO for a software as a service (SaaS) company? Columnist Janet Driscoll Miller discusses how to address…
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