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Jim Tobin
Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. readers. Enjoy a heaping helping of social media puns, plus a look at “thank you” marketing. We’re thankful for all of our daily readers and our editors.
Social Media Puns to Annoy Your Coworkers With
I was told I need to write this blog post by my fellow coworkers who insisted I “just need to…
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Thank You Content Marketing And Reciprocity: 5 Ways To Build Customer Relationships
Earn reciprocity from your customers by using Thank You Content Marketing to build relationships and sales. Examines 5  Thank You…
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Facebook’s ad system shown failing to enforce its own anti-discriminatory policy
 Results from a new ProPublica investigation suggest the tech giant is failing at even simple self-policing. Read More
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What you need to know about Facebook’s new ad transparency
As Facebook begins rolling out its ‘View Ads’ tab on Pages, columnist Laura Collins discusses the ramifications for advertisers and…
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Will Amazon Dominate Influencer Marketing Too?
Amazon is getting serious about influencer marketing. Is this good news, or very bad news? Jay Baer analyzes the plusses…
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How Facebook Local Will Affect Local SEO
If you run a local business, it’s time to reframe your view of Facebook as a purely social play to…
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10 Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers
Do you want to streamline your social media marketing tasks? Looking for tools that will improve content quality and boost…
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