Top Links for Wednesday
Independence Day is coming up in the U.S. It’s time to begin planning your content. Lots of great ideas in @smcurrent
1 Twitter launches Engage, a companion app to provide stats on audiences
Twitter launches Engage, an application for content creators with data analytics and post insights.
2 Instagram doubles monthly users to 500M in 2 years, sees 300M daily
 80% of Instagram users come from outside the US, up from 75% in September, showing the …
3 Twitter supports 140-second videos, coming soon to Vine
4 Connected, We Can Create Anything: News from Facebook at Cannes Lions 2016
Learn about the new marketing tools and product updates Facebook is announcing at Cannes to help …
5 How to Plan for Success with Your July 4th Social Media Content
July 4th is right around the corner, and I can almost smell the grilled foods, see the fireworks, …
6 How Top Brands Are Doing Instagram Video Right
Picture this: You’re sitting at a restaurant anxiously awaiting the arrival of somebody you …
7 Blogging Most Certainly Is Not Dead
It’s the same song, different tune. People still want to say blogging is dead, but au contraire! The truth is far from that.