Snapchat for Brands: Strategic Guide for Measuring Success on Snap Stories
In the past, brands would focus on follower count. After all, a big following meant more reach (and provided the appearance that you had a huge fan base).
Twitter signs a live-streaming deal to bring Pac-12 university sports to its service
Twitter’s quest to become a live-streaming service continues this morning with another announcement of a new partnership that will bring live events to its social network.
15 New Speakers Announced for Social Fresh 2016
ORLANDO, Aug. 18-21: One stage, one track, leading brands discussing the future of social media. SAVE $150 until Aug. 1

10 Snapchat Hacks to Make Your Snaps Stand Out
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Facebook Messenger Now Supports Instant Articles
Starting today, Facebook Messenger supports Instant Articles, just as the flagship Facebook app does, so you can get news faster.
Instagram may be making it easier to binge on a person’s photos
Mashable has discovered Instagram may remove the list view that lets you scroll continuously through an account’s posts.
Amazon avoids a #PrimeDayFail on social media this year
Despite minor ordering problems, most of the social conversation around Amazon’s Prime Day this year was positive. Please visit Marketing…
Social media activism just helped Zimbabwe’s anti-Mugabe movement score a major victory
Evan Mawarire, a Zimbabwean pastor instrumental in organizing recent mass anti-government protests in the country, was released from prison yesterday (July 13) after protests over his arrest mounted on social media.