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Tyler Anderson
YouTube updates creator guidelines for ad-friendly content + tips to easily create professional looking videos. #SMCurrent
Google updates YouTube creator guidelines for ad-friendly content
For advertiser brand safety protections, hateful and incendiary content will not be monetized. Please visit Marketing Land for the full…
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How to Easily Create Professional-Looking Videos for 4 Popular Social Media Platforms
Video is dominating social media marketing. In fact, experts predict video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by…
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Update to Facebook’s Trending
Update on Trending
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Messenger Apps for Business: How to Use Chat for Marketing
Mobile messaging is on the rise. More than 1.4 billion people used mobile messaging apps in 2016 according to eMarketer—an…
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How to Manage Instagram via the Facebook Inbox
Ever wish you could manage your Instagram and Facebook comments and messages in one place? Have you heard of the…
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Stop putting ‘Stories’ in every friggin’ app
This needs to stop. Please make it stop. I’m not just talking about Trump making idiotic moves like pulling the…
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How to Determine Your Social Media Team’s Structure
Building a social media team is no easy task. This team is usually a subset under the digital or communications…
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